Many organizations around the world are conducting business without taking into account the development of the society within which they operate and focus mainly on raising their revenues. Hence, it is important to highlight the reasons behind an organization’s CSR policies. This is one of the leading causes behind the selection of this research project. Also, ethics and accountability are important in today’s society as business organizations around the world have to comply, according to a set of codes in conducting their business activities. These sets of regulations lay greater focus on sustainable issues and environmental issues.

Some organizations in the US are responsible for controlling a quarter of the market. However, there are certain flaws in its practice towards CSR, ethics, and accountability. Some organizations in the US consider CSR to be an important part of its corporate framework. It is so because its CSR spans across external and internal activities. It includes environmentally conscious projects and community issues. Some organizations in the US are undertaking several CSR activities that are reflected in its day-to-day operations that are further supported by facts like that it uses organic products and efficiently focuses on recycling. Moreover, the ethics of some organizations in the US is to earn the trust of its customers by behaving responsibly in communities it operates.