Tucked away in the beautiful Jamaican jungle, just 25 minutes from Ocho Rios is the Blue Hole, also known as the Irie Blue Hole and Secret Falls. This secret hideaway is one of Jamaica’s most beautiful attractions, but even so, you will find that tourists do not overcrowd it, and you will be able to enjoy the serene, once-in-a-lifetime views.
Irie Blue Hole is a gorgeous swimming hole and waterfall that has luckily not been commercialized like some of the other areas around Jamaica, leaving the area to be natural and lush, making this one of the most loved waterfalls to visit. Be sure to take a guide along with you, as you will find that many of the rocks can be slippery, and they can tell you the best places to jump from and swim.

Different Areas at the Location

The general area is separated into two different sections. The first is the main Blue Hole, which features the turquoise blue swimming waters where you can jump into the refreshing water. There is also a rope swing where you can swing through the jungle Tarzan-style.
There are a few hidden gems here too, including a secret cave just under the flowing water on the rocks. Once inside the small cave, you can sit on the rock walls. This is the ideal spot that anyone can enjoy, and kids especially will love jumping off the rocks into the cool water below.
The second section of the Irie Blue Hole is the fresh cascading waterfall, which is a 7-minute walk from the Blue Hole. This 20-meter high waterfall boasts rustic bamboo benches where you can take a break and enjoy the breathtaking views of the natural surroundings. Lush greenery and colorful flowers welcome you to take photographs to remember this paradise.
Walking to the waterfall can be quite tiring, especially on a hot day, but the leaves on the trees above will shade you, keeping you cool. There are a few locals along the path that sell fresh jamaican coconuts that you can enjoy along the way. The hike is worth the effort; once you get there and behold the refreshing waterfall, nothing will stop you from jumping in.

Excellent Guides

Most of the time, the guides will jump in with you, performing crazy stunts as they do. At the top of the falls, you will find a small entry hole that will take you inside the falls. The moving water hides the entrance, but your guide will be able to show you where it is. Climbing into the hole can be a bit daunting, because you have to go feet first, and you have no idea what is inside. But once you are in, you will find that this area leads you behind the waterfall and out the bottom, making it a truly unique experience.

There are a few smaller pools if you keep climbing past the waterfall, and there are plenty of rocks where you can catch your breath and enjoy the peace and tranquility.
The Irie Blue Hole in Jamaica is not on the official tourist sightseeing lists, making this an almost untouched beauty and an absolute must-do when you are in the area.
The current entrance fee is $15 per person. Make sure to take some extra cash with you to tip your guide and to buy coconuts along the way.

Tips to Keep in Mind

• Wear water shoes (check out this collection)
• Hire a guide
• Bring a towel and swimsuit
• Take some extra cash
There are many other Jamaican local attractions out there too. Ensure you research online before making your final decision.